Seller FAQ

What services do you provide for a seller?

We provide complete service the same as a traditional realtor. Here are our services:

  • In-Home Consultation
    • Pricing
    • Condition
    • Paperwork
  • Staging with professional home stager
  • Photography with a professional photographer
  • Sign, Lockbox, Showing Service
  • Marketing Plan implementation
  • Showings, Offers, Negotiation
  • Contract to close
    • Inspections
    • Legal and mandatory paperwork
    • Coordinate and schedule closing
    • Attend closing with you

How do you market my house for sale?

Today, 95% of buyers begin their search online. Our belief is, “If buyers want to look for houses online, we are right here on the web waiting for them when they find one.”

Our marketing begins with an in-home consultation to gather important data about your house, determine the selling points, take professional photos and agree on the list price of your house in order to optimize marketing exposure and maximize dollars in your pocket at closing.

Next, we deploy an assertive, online marketing strategy based around: the MLS and its syndication partner websites, digital marketing, social media and video marketing. In the process, we upload the information from our in-home consultation to these critical search sites that have the most buyer traffic.

Simultaneously, we market your house OFFline. Buyers can get information about your house through our 24/7 automated system or by talking directly with us.

It’s as simple as that.

We don’t collect ridiculously high commissions. Therefore, we don’t try to convince you we do more than is actually necessary to market your house. It’s transparency wonderful?

How is Recadia paid for their services?

There are two different fees Recadia asks for from sellers. The total is $3000.

Marketing Fee: a non-refundable $500 fee at the time we list your house. This fee covers some of our marketing costs, professional photography, and staging. This marketing fee is one facet of our business model that allows us to put more money in your pocket.

Transaction Fee: $2500 is due at the time of closing. This fee is included in the list price of your house and is clearly shown on the closing statement. This covers the full service we provide for you during the time we are offering your property for sale, negotiations, paperwork, closing coordination, and the actual closing.

How does Recadia address buyer agent commissions?

Buyers actually pay for the commission their agent receives. (In reality, this has always happened and most people haven’t realized it yet.) A buyer’s commission is included in the price of the house. The buyer brings the money to the closing table to pay for the house. Therefore, the buyer pays the commission.

Recadia is different from traditional realtors. We won’t assume a buyer wants to pay a 3% commission. We won’t assume a buyer’s agent wants to receive 3%. Maybe they want a higher commission? Lower? Who knows? People should decide for themselves.

Typically, we suggest a seller include a flat-fee in the list price of the house for a buyer’s agent commission. If we list your house and we bring a buyer, it’s only a low, flat-fee.

If another realtor brings a buyer and wants a higher commission, we suggest the additional amount requested be negotiated into the price of the house.

Will agents show my house if we offer a commission that isn’t typical?

Yes. Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to show buyers the houses they ask to see. Professional and experienced agents who care about their clients will help them purchase the right house.

Agents know that everything in a real estate deal is negotiable, including commissions. While we suggest a flat-fee, we believe realtors should request the commission they desire. That places all expectations into the light for discussion.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. No hidden fees. No limited service. No surprises.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how we may help you, please reach out via phone at 214-281-8500 and let’s talk about it. No hard sales pitch. No flurry of unsolicited communications. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and get all your questions answered. If we can help you, we will. If we can’t, we’ll tell you that, too.